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Trademark post registration fees: Electronically filed: Paper filed: 37 CFR § Description: Fee amount: Fee code: Fee amount: Fee code: 2.6(a)(5)(i)-(ii) §9 registration renewal application, per class: $300.00: 7201: $500.00: 6201: 2.6(a)(6)(i)-(ii) §9 registration renewal application grace period fee, per class: $100.00: 7203: $200.00: 6203: 2.6(a)(21)(i)-(ii You must pay a fee of $125 per class of goods or services for filing an extension request. Before your trademark can be registered, you also must file an allegation of use (either an amendment to allege use (AAU) or a statement of use (SOU)) that states that you are using the trademark in commerce with your goods or services. The allegation of use must include the dates of use (both the date that you first used your trademark and the date that you first used your trademark in. US Trademark Renewal Service * Is this a 5-6 year maintenance filing or a 9-10 year renewal? 5-6 Year Maintenance, Section 8 or Section 71 Declaration. The cost is $699, which includes $225 USPTO government fee for the first class of goods/services Access current fee amounts, all USPTO systems to file and pay online, and links to additional fee and payment information. List of patent fees (current fee schedule) List of trademark fees (current fee schedule) Pay online (preferred method) Select the USPTO system from the table below corresponding to the type of payment you wish to make. We accept credit and debit card, deposit account, or EFT when paying online. Guest users can only pay with a credit or debit card, but signed.

Also, you must file a renewal application within the same period (or, for an extra fee of $100.00 per class, you may file within the six-month grace period following the registration expiration date) This second filing constitutes your first full U.S. trademark renewal (as opposed to the maintenance/statement of use of the five-year filing). You will again file a statement and illustration of continued use in commerce, along with a separate renewal form and fee, which will extend the life of your trademark an additional ten years Trademark or Service Mark Renewal (21 VAC 5-120-70) Form TM 2 (Notarized) $30 (payable to Treasurer of Virginia per mark, per classification 1 specimen of the mark (demonstrating use in Virginia

The fees for renewal consist of: a basic fee (653 Swiss francs); plus an individual fee (variable) for each designated Contracting Party (applies only for Contracting Parties listed under declaration (c) concerning Article 8(7)(a) of the Madrid Protocol ); and/o You also have to pay a late renewal fee if you're applying in the 6 months after your trade mark's expiry date. The fee is £50. Renew online. You can renew your trade mark online

5-6 Year Maintenance, Section 8 or Section 71 Declaration. ($299 Professional Fee) 9-10 Year Renewal, Section 9 and Section 8. ($399 Professional Fee) How many classes of goods or services are you maintaining for your trademark? A $275 filing fee per class is required The renewal fee for the following term of protection is due six months before the end of the term of protection. If the renewal fee is not paid until after expiry of the term of protection, surcharges must be paid in addition to the renewal fee within the six-month grace period. If the term of protection of the trade mark is to be extended for more than three classes, additional class fees.

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Information The Fee Calculator helps you estimate the cost of registering your mark through the Madrid System, a simple, easy and cost-effective International registration procedure. It also helps you estimate other costs related to managing your international trademark such as the renewal, the subsequent designation, the second fee tax for certain Contracting Parties and all the Madrid transactions with fees As of January 17, 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office reduced the official fee for electronic filing of renewal the trademark registration. To get an actual quote for renewal of a trademark in the U.S. please visit quotation system Trademark Renewal Attorney Assistance in Selecting a Compliant Specimen. Both the Declaration and Trademark Renewal will be Attorney Drafted & Filed. USPTO fee for one class of goods/services included. Sign Me Up! *USPTO filing fee of $525 for one international class not included ($225 for § 8 and $300 for § 9)

The average cost to trademark a name is $424 with most homeowners spending between $275 to $660 total which includes registration and filing fees. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will charge anywhere between $225 to $400 to register a trademark for a name depending on the method you choose and the class of your business Trademark post registration fees: Electronically filed: Description: Fee amount §9 registration renewal application, per class: $300.00 §9 registration renewal application grace period fee, per class: $100.00 §9 registration renewal application deficiency fee: $100.00 §8 declaration, per class: $225.00 §8 declaration grace period fee, per class: $100.0 Renewing Your Trademark Registration Separately from the requirement to declare continued use of your trademark, you must renew the registration. This is done every ten years. The renewal is more expensive—the current government fee is $300 for each class of goods or services

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  1. Fees and Payment General FAQs Patents FAQs Trademark FAQs Transferring ownership / Assignments Help Services & Publications Electronic Data Products Federal Register Notices Official Gazette Support Centers XML Resources Classification Statistic
  2. USPTO trademark renewal fees. The USPTO recently lowered electronic filing fees, so provided that you agree to e-file and receive all correspondence electronically, you will pay those reduced fees. Trademark renewals (the filings due every ten years) now cost $300 per class of goods/services, rather than the $400 that they used to. Statements.
  3. The trademark for your business' name is valid for a period of 10 years, after which time you must file an application for renewal. Fees to Trademark a Business Name. When filing an application to trademark your business name on a federal level through the USPTO, you should count on paying between $250 and $750
  4. Trademarks that are recorded with CBP are eligible for gray market protection where: (1) the U.S. and foreign trademarks are not owned by the same person, and (2) the U.S. and foreign trademark owners are not a parent or subsidiary, or otherwise subject to common ownership or control. See 19 C.F.R. §133.2
  5. BOIP Trademark Alert. per trademark € 53 per year; Datoliet (digital updates of details in the Trademarks Register) per trademark; per renewal; modifications, per year irrespective of actual entries; Opposition Datoliet (digital updates of applications that are open to opposition) per trademark
  6. U.S. Patent Office Maintenance Fees. U.S. Patent Office maintenance fees are a crucial part of the patent process. If you are not careful, your patent could be in jeopardy just because you miss a critical payment deadline. U.S. Patent Renewal Rules. When renewing a patent, there are strict rules you must adhere to. All patent renewal and maintenance fees are due three times during the life of.

Maintenance fees or renewal fees are fees paid to maintain a granted patent in force. Some patent laws require the payment of maintenance fees for pending patent applications.Not all patent laws require the payment of maintenance fees and different laws provide different regulations concerning not only the amount payable but also the regularity of the payments Fee amount: Petition to the Director: $250.00: Petition to revive an application: $150.00: Letter of protest: $50.00 : Trademark post registration fees: Electronically filed: Description: Fee amount §9 registration renewal application, per class: $300.00 §9 registration renewal application grace period fee, per class: $100.0

For certain trademark applications, the U.S. Trademark Office may require the applicant to file what's called a Statement of Use. A Statement of Use is simply a declaration or sworn statement from the applicant that they have actually started using their trademark in business. The United States Patent and Trademark Office charges a fee of $100 per class of goods/services for filing the. Of note, additional fees will apply to renew your trademark during the grace period. Accordingly, if your trademark registered on June 1, 2010 your 5 / 6 year renewal period closes on June 1, 2016. However, the trademark may still be renewed under the 6-month grace period until December 1, 2016 (6 months past June 1, 2016). 10 Year Renewal: Following the 5 / 6 year renewal a trademark must. No U.S. trademark registrations expire after five years. Certain paperwork must be filed between the 5th and 6th year of the initial term to maintain a registration. Trademark registration renewals are required every 10 years. This fee is wildly high as it appears this does not include federal filing fees. Note the fine print. This so-called renewal is optional. Your attorney will typically. Incontestable status provides a trademark owner conclusive evidence of the validity of the registered mark and of the registration of the mark, of the registrant's ownership of the mark, and of the registrant's exclusive right to use the registered mark in commerce. 15 U.S.C. § 1115(b); see also Park 'N Fly, Inc. v. Dollar Park & Fly, Inc., 469 U.S. 189, 192 (1985)

RENEWAL OF TRADEMARK OR SERVICE MARK Application for renewal must be received by the Secretary of State within (but not before) the six month period prior to the date of expiration of the current registration together with the renewal fee of $30.00. Include with the application one original specimen that shows how the mark is currently used on the goods or in connection with services. 17 Fee for International Registrations Designating the Philippines and for Designations Subsequent to the International Registration. Takes effect 05 March 2017. pursuant to Art . 8 (7 )(b ) of the Madrid Protocol. 18 Fee paid to the International Bureau every 10 years from the in ternational registration date. The renewal should be presented. Fees payable to EUIPO for renewal of registrations and publication up to 6 months after the expiration of the registration term of validity. Additional fee for the late submission of the request for renewal: 25 % of the belated renewal fee, subject to a maximum of EUR 1 500. What is included in the renewal of European Union trademark registration service and how much does it cost? The. Address: Intellectual Property Office of Ireland, Government Offices, Hebron Road, Kilkenny, R95 H4XC, Ireland Telephone: +353 56 7720111 Email: ipinfo@ipoi.gov.i OnlineTrademarkAttorneys.com / Sausser Summers, PC, provides professional representation through licensed U.S. trademark lawyers for your U.S. trademark needs. It is our goal to provide you with five-star representation that you would receive at large traditional law firm, but with a modern twist and at an affordable flat rate price. From the start, you work with an experienced, top ranked.

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A request for renewal can be made and the fee for renewal paid in the six-month period prior to the expiry date of the registration. The latest possible date for requesting the renewal and paying the fee is the expiry date of the trade mark. An additional six-month grace period for renewal starts on the day following the date of expiry. During this period an additional fee of 25 % will be. Free yourself from the administrative task of handling your trademark renewals and let Dennemeyer's trademark experts handle them for you. You will benefit from a single point of contact for your worldwide trademark renewals. Stay on top of things with data updates, data validation and on demand portfolio reports. You will have secure access around the clock to our web-based Portfolio Portal. Online services fee. Fee by other means. Trade mark renewal - single class. $400. $450. Trade mark renewal - additional class. $400. $450. If the renewal is requested within six months after the expiry date: $100 for each month, or part of a month, after the expiry date: $100 for each month, or part of a month, after the expiry date We have more information about trade mark renewals including. You can renew your trademark right by filing a request for renewal six months before the trademark right expires. You need to pay the renewal fee at the same time you request to renew your trademark right. Please note. The Japan Patent Office does not accept direct payments by any means from applicants/persons residing outside Japan, such as payments by bank transfers, credit cards, or checks. The prescribed renewal fee for renewing the registration of a trademark for 10 years under section 46 of the Trademarks Act is dependent on the number of classes of goods or services being renewed and determined at the time of renewal. A renewal, and the prescribed renewal fee, applies to all the goods or services listed in the register at the time of the renewal unless the registered owner.

renewal application and pay a registration fee in order for their mark to be renewed for another five (5) year term. Note: This book is a reference guide regarding Trademarks and other marks throughout the State of Alabama. According to state law, the Secretary of State's Office is designated to handle al U. S. TRADEMARK LAW RULES OF PRACTICE & FEDERAL STATUTES. U. S. TRADEMARK LAW RULES OF PRACTICE & FEDERAL STATUTES. January 2, 2021. 37 ᐅ. Title Page-Top Standard Package - $175.00 + government fee. Attorney managed trademark application. Free federal trademark search. Electronic filing of trademark application. Attorney notification of all rejections/objections by the USPTO. Attorney notification of all third party cease and desist challenges. Services provided by law firm Classic Counsel, P.C.† All trademark filing fees are nonrefundable, whether the filing is accepted or rejected. The Secretary of State's office maintains a searchable database of trademarks and service marks registered in this state. The Secretary of State's office does not resolve conflicts over ownership of registered trademarks and service marks. It is the applicant's responsibility to determine if a mark is.

Additional fee for the late payment of the renewal fee or late submission of the request for renewal (Article 53(3) EUTMR): 25 % of the belated renewal fee, subject to a maximum of EUR 1 500: 25 % (max. € 1 500) F-017: Fee for the application for revocation or for a declaration of invalidity (Article 63(2) EUTMR) € 630: F-01 The registration fee for the last five years must be paid within five years from the day on which the trademark was registered. The renewal fee can be paid in two installments as well, one for the first five years and the next for the last five years, in the same way that you can pay registration fees. When paid over installments, however, the amount of the renewal fee ends up being higher. Renewal (PDF) Assignment (PDF) - Transfers ownership from one owner to another. Cancellation (PDF) Owner's Name Change (PDF) - Used when the current owner has a new name. Florida Statute Reference Booklet. Florida Trademark-Service Mark Registration and Use, Chapter 495, F.S. Back to To

e-Renewal Update. We understand the value of your brand and your time. As part of ongoing efforts to streamline our e-services, we're changing the Madrid e-Renewal system to help minimize the risk of fee-related irregularities. Over the past year, more than 20 Madrid System members have made changes to international trademark registration. Trade Name, Trademark Public Information Request. U.S. Patent Trademark Office. Public Records Request (PDF) Contact Us . Arizona Secretary of State . 1700 W Washington St Fl 7 . Phoenix AZ 85007 . Find in Google Maps Phone: 602-542-4285 . Footer Nav. Statewide Policies; Site Map; Website Policies; Contact Us; Staff Login. In addition to the requirements above, U.S. trademark registrations are also required to be renewed on or about every 10th anniversary of the registration of the trademark. The procedure for 10-year renewals is somewhat different from that for the 5th-6th year renewal. In brief, registrants are required to file both a Section 8 Affidavit of Continuous Use as well as a Section 9 Application for. Trademark Renewal. Trademark owners are required to periodically file renewal documents to demonstrate their continued use of their registered marks. Renewal filings are required on the 5th and 10th anniversary of the registration date and every 10 years thereafter. Get Starte

A trade mark can only be protected as such and defended under the Trade Marks Act, 1993 (Act 194 of 1993) if it is registered.Unregistered trade marks may be defended in terms of common law. The registration procedure results in a registration certificate which has legal status, allowing the owner of the registered trade mark the exclusive right to use that mark Renewal of LLC Trade Name $50.00 Non-profit Corporation Trade Names $25.00 Trade and Labor Corp. Trade Names $25.00 DOMESTIC AND PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION REGISTRATION AND MAINTENANCE FEES Original Articles of Incorporation $150.00 minimum 1105 King Street Christiansted, Virgin Islands 00820 Phone - 340.773.6449 Fax - 340.773.0330 5049 Kongens Gade Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands 00802 Phone. The registrant must also file a Section 9 renewal application (Section 9 Renewal) within the year before the end of each successive 10-year period following the date of registration, or within a grace period of six months thereafter, with payment of an additional fee. Assuming the Section 8 Affidavit and Section 9 Renewal are timely-filed as indicated above, the registration will be renewed. Register your name, slogan, or logo trademark today. The World #1 Free Trademark Search & Tracking, Easy-to-Use Web Based Platform. Our experienced attorneys and specialists can provide you with the best custom-made solutions no matter whether you're an individual, small business, or large enterprise

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Intellectual Property Office of Ireland Online Payment. Patent Grant Fee. Patent Renewal Fee. Trademark Registration Fee. Trademark Renewal Fee. Design Renewal Fee Search Trademarks by Category. All trademarks are classified according to standards set forth in the International Classification of Goods and Services. If you are interested in registering a mark within a particular class, it may be helpful to browse current trademarks according to the categories shown below. Product Categories. Filings: 171,119 Fees associated with filing trademark applications in Argentina, as well as other trademark fees, are available in the fee calculator. Multiple-class applications; Argentina only accepts single-class trademark applications. Filing requirements in Argentina ; The official language of the trademark application in Argentina is Spanish. A trademark application in Argentina must contain at least. Can I get a renewal form from your website? Currently, a renewal form cannot be obtained from our website. Please contact the Secretary of State's Las Vegas office at 702-486-2880 and the office will generate the renewal form Ken writes: The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) recently issued a trademark ruling relevant to many Utah companies that sell nutritional supplements. In re TriVita, Inc., 2014-1383 (Fed. Cir. 2015). In this decision, the [] Nicholas Wells September 30, 2014

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EUIPO is the European Union Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design. We also work with the IP offices of the EU Member States and international partners to offer a similar registration experience for trade marks and designs across Europe and the world This includes making sure your trade mark is kept current by paying the renewal fees and making changes to your registration details if and when required. Maintaining your trade mark A trade mark registration may be renewed every ten years. There are fees for renewing your trade mark. Find out more. Trade marks and opposition Oppositions can be lengthy, complex and costly. If you are.

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A trademark is in use when it has been placed on the goods, containers of the goods, or point-of-sale displays of the goods, and the goods have been sold, displayed for sale, or otherwise publicly distributed in Texas. Tex. Bus. & Com. Code §16.003 (a) Norton Automatic Renewal Service helps by automatically renewing Norton Product Subscription. Learn how to update billing information, cancel or turn off automatic renewal service and receive a refund You can renew your trademark every 10 years and continue keeping it valid for an indefinite time. You can renew your registration. not earlier than one year before it expires, and; not later than six months after it expires. If you do not renew the registration until after the expiry date, you will have to pay a higher renewal fee. Please note that the amount of the renewal fee also depends on. Trademark Renewal Fees UAE (trademarkregistration.ae) submitted 6 minutes ago by trademarkreg1. comment; share; save; hide. report; no comments (yet) sorted by: q&a (suggested) best top new controversial old random live (beta) Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. there doesn't seem to be anything here. about; blog; about; advertising ; careers; help; site rules.

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Filing an Immigrant Visa Petition (When collected by U.S. Embassies and Consulates for USCIS. Fees subject to change.) Immigrant petition for relative (I-130) $535.00: Orphan (intercountry adoption) immediate relative petition (I-600, I-800) $775.00: Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fees (non-refundable, per person) Immediate relative and family preference applications (processed on the. One of the best methods for protecting your trademark is simply using the mark regularly. Every five or 10 years, you will need to pay trademark renewal fees to the USPTO. You should also display the correct sign for your trademark. For example, you should display TM for a common law trademark and SM for a common law service mark

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Trademark Registration. $950. Plus Government Fees. Federal and State Trademark Search using CORSEARCH software. Common Law Trademark Search. Attorney Consultation Time. Drafting and Filing of Trademark Application. Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions. Sending Registration Certificate For example, five years after your mark is registered you, will normally file a Section 8 and 15 Affidavit, and after ten years, you will need to file for trademark renewal (see our guidance on What are the Costs after your Trademark is Registered? for more info). We will remind you of these deadlines and can assist you in responding to these requirements. Thus, using a trademark attorney not. You must submit the $220 U.S. Dollar payment online after receiving your visa package from the Department of State and before you depart for the United States. If you cannot pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee, another person, such as your petitioner, sponsor, relative or friend, can make this payment on your behalf. You will need to provide them with your Alien Number and Case ID, which are provided. The declaration must also be filed at the time of trademark renewal. The requirements for the declaration are set forth in Section 8 of the Lanham Act. (15 United States Code, Section 1058) and explained below. The fee (currently $100) must be enclosed along with a specimen of the mark as it is currently used for each class of goods or services. In lieu of the specimen, the trademark owner may.

Last year, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received 455,017 trademark applications, an increase of 4.9 percent over the prior year. With lower filing fees taking effect in a few weeks, the. Renew your registered design. You must renew your design registration on its fifth anniversary. You'll then need to renew every 5 years up to a maximum of 25 years. You'll be charged a fee to. Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights attached to a trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner or any licensees (provided that such authorization was within the scope of the licence). Infringement may occur when one party, the infringer, uses a trademark which is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by another party, in relation to.

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Renewal fees. Renewal fees can be paid on granted patents. The renewal payment must be made within six months of the renewal deadline or the patent will lapse. If a lapsed patent is restored to the register, any pending renewal fees must be paid within one month of the notification that the restoration has been approved. This one-month deadline. Renewal of the registration of a trademark under section 46 of the Act (a) if the renewal is requested and the fee submitted online through the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website (i) for the first class of goods or services to which the request for renewal relates. 400.00 (ii) for each additional class of goods or services to which the request for renewal relates. 125.00 (b) in any. Renewal by Mail Fee: $110 Note: All fees are non-refundable. Payment may only be made with a certified bank check in dollars. Bank checks: Must be payable to U.S. Embassy Must be in the U.S. dollar amount of the service (not the shekel equivalent) Must be typed by the bank; bank checks with handwritten information (or handwritten.

This law removed the requirement that a second term of copyright protection is contingent on a renewal registration. The effect was that any work copyrighted in the US in 1964 or after had a copyright term of 75 years, whether or not a formal copyright renewal was filed. There are some legal reasons for filing such renewal registrations The U.S. visa application process is the same whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your visa. It is important to know that your visa may still be valid if the passport it is in expires. You can travel to the United States with your old passport containing a valid visa and your new, valid passport. Applicants meeting the following criteria may be eligible for renewal by mail. Legitimate notices about Canadian patents or trademarks nearing expiry will only come from CIPO. If you're suspicious of something you received related to a fee payment, service offer, renewal/maintenance fee, or similar requests: Email us at: ic.contact-contact.ic@canada.ca and attach a copy of the suspicious document Qualification for interview waiver based on past U.S. Travel: You may also be eligible to apply through interview waiver if you were previously issued a U.S. visa and you can provide the previous original U.S. visa. Your prior visa must have been issued to you when you were age 14 or older, and your fingerprints must have been collected

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Also, under 10 U.S.C. 2260, the U.S. Marine Corps may license trademarks and may retain and expend fees received from such licensing, to be used to cover the costs of securing trademark registrations, the costs of operating our trademark licensing program, and to be used for Marine Corps morale, welfare, and recreation activities Apply to register a trademark. You'll need: details of what you want to register, for example a word, illustration or slogan; the trade mark classes you want to register in, for example food and.

Trademark Examining Attorneys will be governed by the applicable statutes, the Trademark Rules of Practice, decisions, and Orders and Notices issued by the Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Commissioners, or Deputy Commissioners. Policies stated in this revision supersede any previous policies stated in prior. To renew your International Registration under the Madrid Protocol, submit your renewal papers and fees every 10 years from your filing date with WIPO. You will also need to file an affidavit every 10 years with the USPTO stating that your trademark is still in use in the U.S. To maintain your Madrid-based U.S. trademark, file the affidavit on. Applicants aged 80 or older who have not previously applied for or received a U.S. visa also do not need to appear in person. Such applicants can submit their visa applications through the Renewal Procedure by Mail. How to Apply through Renewal Procedure by Mail. Step 1. Pay the visa application fee Visa Renewal . Important Notice: Applicants must pay visa application fees at one of the fee payment locations and submit their visa renewal applications at one of the designated courier locations.; If you live in Quang Nam or provinces north, your visa renewal applications will be processed by the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi.Please select VIETNAM, HANOI when you start your Form DS-160

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Yes. A registered trademark, or even a trademark with a registration application under consideration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is transferable. The USPTO calls such a transfer an Assignment. Usually, an Assignment requires a written contract. You can record Assignments with the USPTO for a fee These fees are based on reciprocity (what another country charges a U.S. citizen for a similar-type of visa). The United States strives to eliminate visa issuance fees whenever possible, however, when a foreign government imposes these fees on U.S. citizens for certain types of visas, the United States will impose a reciprocal fee on citizens of that country for similar types of visas. The. One U.S. passport sized photograph The non-refundable application fee for an adult passport renewal is $110.00. The fee is payable in Euros, Dollars, or Credit Card. We do not accept EC cards. Please note that chip and PIN card technology is not supported by embassy cashiering at this time. If your bank requires it, you will need to bring cash for your consular services. Prepaid envelope. Upon receipt of all the fees the trademark is renewed; Failure to renew your trademark on time might result in cancellation of the trademark and a new application to pursue registration of the mark again must be filed. Address: 1500 Market Street 12th Floor, East Tower Philadelphia, PA 19102 United States Phone: 215 207 0140 Fax: 215 207 0140 E-mail: info@patentandtrademarkbureau.com Business.

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To perform a free trademark search before filing the trademark application you need to know the trademark classes as per the NICE classifications; international classification of goods and services. The trademark search contains the filters to find out a similar trademark in a similar class in order to eliminate the conflicts NOTE: The Trademark/Service Mark office will assign the class number if none is provided and has the right to change the classification if that provided by the applicant is incorrect. Each classification requires a separate application, specimens and fee. 8. Check as many as apply in either 8a for a Trademark or 8b for a Service Mark. 9. The. Trademark Registration Online Contact Us Call For Free Consultation 9313454647 Email address Support@legalstartup.in Trademark Renewal A trademark is used by a business to distinguish its goods or services from other similar goods or services from a different business. The trademark symbols, logos, labels, names are represented with an R at the end

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