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Uniswap (UNI) roadmap, news & upcoming events: hard fork, halving, release, airdrop, listing on Binance and others New listings on Uniswap. Listing time. Pair. Initial / Current Price (USD) Initial / Current Token Pool New Listings Uniswap V2. Uniswap (v2) is the best and most popular Ethereum DEX. Uniswap. Suspected Scam Removed. #. Symbol. Name. Price, USD Uniswap instant listings...is a major gamble. Majority are copy paste codes and a swift exit scam. I'm in two minds of the owner of the site. He uses Dextools.io and just pushes every single available new listings. Or he is selective and pushes scam coins out. I have used it 5x and have only used the ones with sites and a paper. But all listings are just like an ICO. They promise and you just have to hope they pull through Lists from CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Dharma, Zerion, Kleros TCR, Defiprime, Compound, Aave, Synthetix, UMA, 1inch, and Roll (and many more coming soon!) Token Lists can be used right now in the Uniswap Interface, removing the need for a default list. YouTube. Subscribe

New Uniswap V3 Listings New New Uniswap V2 Listings New SushiSwap Listings New PancakeSwap Listings New BakerySwap Listings New QuickSwap Listings New Honeyswap Listings New Pangolin Listings MDEX - Huobi HECOchain Other DEXe Upcoming Uniswap Listing. Close. 10. Posted by 18 days ago. Upcoming Uniswap Listing. Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen. Ecomi exec said when OMI is listed on Uniswap it will be a wrapped token. Does anyone know what happens exactly? And how it'll affect the price? 4 comments. share. save. hide. report . 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. New Crypto Listings - Pancakeswap\Uniswap has 2,041 members. Somewhere to share new listings and try catch some decent coins before the masses get them We're excited to provide DeFi enthusiasts with the ability to receive notifications as new Uniswap listings are added. UniSpotter delivers timely alerts so you don't have to continuously monitor Etherscan, multiple Telegram groups and Twitter accounts while getting a jump start on researching new token pairs

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The Uniswap V3 mainnet launch, Stellar testnet upgrade, and also the Trodl token burn event are some of the top upcoming crypto events slated for this week. 1. Uniswap V3 Mainnet Launch. Ethereum-based fully decentralized protocol Uniswap has announced the launch of its much-anticipated Uniswap V3 mainnet upgrade Dexus Art upcoming Uniswap listing a month ago by amel Dexus Art was created to promote digital transformation of the art market and artists' practices. Why is Dexus Art Different Uniswap Listing. April 30, 2021. THIS EVENT HAS FINISHED. 1.5 ETH GIVE AWAY CONTEST Join our Telegram channel @kryptocal and you will be enrolled in the giveaway. more details. Join telegram channel @kryptocal We will post next days events in the channel and provide latest details about giveaways and other rewards. Interactive Crypto Event Bot Give commands, and it will give you events for the. See Custom Linking for details on how to link. For example, to populate the output token field with an unlisted token, we can specify the outputCurrency in the URL and pass in the token's address like this: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?use=v1?outputCurrency=0xfA3E941D1F6B7b10eD84A0C211bfA8aeE907965e. 3

Uniswap is a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum. It was launched on November 2, 2018. Uniswap describes itself as a simple smart contract interface for swapping ERC20 tokens. It has a formalized model for pooling liquidity reserves. It serves as an open-source frontend interface for traders and liquidity providers and is committed to providing free and decentralized asset exchange Dec 30, 2020 · 4 min read. First, get the contract address of the new Uniswap token listing, and then input it on the left hand side To field dropdown. Once token ticker is added, click on Sniper button: Set Trade popup will open. If you don't want to Cycle, that is, you just want to Snipe the new token, use a setting like this

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We are pleased to announce that in addition to the gate.io listing, we will also be listing on Uniswap, at approximately 18:00 UTC on May 3rd. With the upcoming listings, we also wanted to do a deep dive on the tokenomics of ORAO April, 29: $ARES listing on Uniswap. All the finer details regarding the token offering, whitelisting process and exchange listing will be announced very soon. Please stay tuned so as not to miss any upcoming announcements. We have a lot of interesting things coming, we promise! . ℹ️ About Ares Protoco New Crypto Listings. Cross Margin Trading for TFUEL Enabled on BinanceIntroducing Automata (ATA) on Binance Launchpool! Farm ATA By Staking BNB, BUSD & DOT TokensBinance Will List Livepeer (LPT)BURGER, MASK & MDX Enabled on Binance Isolated MarginBinance Will List Mask Network (MASK)Binance Will List Mdex (MDX) in the Innovation ZoneBinance Margin. In this video, we will look at Glitch Finance for the first time to see what we can deduce, while monitoring details pertaining to its upcoming Uniswap listing. If Glitch Finance can pull of its ambition, it is going to cater to and incite the innovation of a new range of defi powerful dapps Uniswap event: Listing on Hotbit on September 17, 2020. Uniswap UNI future and past events


  1. Swope also expects Visor Finance (VISR) to rally as Uniswap prepares for an upgrade. Per the cryptocurrency influencer, Visor Finance is offering a solution to a problem that Uniswap v3 will pose to passive liquidity providers (LPs) whereby LPs may not be able to compete on a level playing field against each other
  2. Today we show you how you can snipe new token listings using LimitSwap.LimitSwap is fully functional Uniswap limit order bot. No fees. You just need to hold.
  3. g Uniswap listing on May 21 The platform's native token QARK will start trading on the Uniswap decentralized exchange on May 21. QARK will start off as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be swapped to the QAN mainnet once it goes live
  4. We're pleased to announce that the AXPR token will be listed on one of the most popular Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges, Uniswap, by the end of April 2021. To celebrate and support this new..
  5. g token thoroughly before investing. There has been news of fake versions of existing tokens popping up on Uniswap. Plus there's no guarantee that a.
  6. g announcements followed by a table identifying which exchange or platform is listing particular coins and tokens

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240 ETH is locked in liquidity on Uniswap. Circulating Supply: 33,896,304 SALE || Proof of Liquidity Burn; Team funds will be unlocked on Nov 1 and burned proportionately Proof of Burn; Future Funds — Unlocked on Aug 2021 and Burned proportionately: Wallet Address; Coingecko Listing ; Product Roadmap 2021. Q1 2021. DxStake integration with DxLaunch. DxLock Alpha. Port over staking app & new. Track your assets, add roadmaps to calendar, set reminders and prepare for upcoming events. Portfolio. Manage your crypto holdings. RISK STRATEGY. Prepare in advance your risk strategies add to calendar, set reminders . FIND HIDDEN GEMS. Whale watcher and account scanner. Copy what the whales are doing and follow their trades. Embedded Uniswap module, an all in one interface. DETECT POTENTIAL. CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar for reliable cryptocurrency news. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions

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Coinbase is adding a few new cryptocurrencies onto its platform. While other exchanges have a larger quantity of tokens, Coinbase is more selective with its listings Upcoming. Ended. Start investing in IEOs on Binance! OPEN ACCOUNT. IEO Name Current Stage Launchpad Start Date End Date ROI [USD] Rating; BBT BitBook Token. BitBook Token . IEO. ends in 3 days. Jun 4 - Jun 14. IEO. ProBit BitBook Token. ProBit. May 4, 2021: Jun 14, 2021-BTX Bitex Coin. Bitex Coin . IEO. ends in 3 days. Jun 4 - Jun 14. IEO. gate.io Bitex Coin. gate.io . May 10, 2021: Jun 14. ICO Drops contains a complete list of all ICOs & IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) in three columns Active ICO, Upcoming ICO, Ended ICO with rating and analysis. ICO STATS; WHITELIST; ENDED ICO; UPCOMING ICO; ACTIVE ICO; close. Menu. BTC $39121 +9%. ETH $2545 +5.6% * DISCLAIMER: All information including our Interest Level rating, is provided merely for informational purposes. ICO. Therefore, traders are always eager to know which coin will be listed next on Binance so that they can turn a quick profit as well as avoid the FOMO. However, Binance usually only announces a new listing once it is listed, they do not announce it before. This is done in order to avoid market manipulation. Thus, the million-dollar question is. How To Find Upcoming Defi Coins Before They List? Unicrypt? You may be looking for safe crypto projects to look at, more recent those related to DEFI, decent..

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  1. Furthermore, crypto launchpads are lowering the barrier to entry created by high costs, as seen with major exchange listings historically. Exploring Crypto Launchpad Projects . Crypto incubator projects look to be leveling the playing field for early-access to crypto investments. Below we've listed some of the most popular crypto launchpads and crypto incubator projects to look out for in.
  2. Explore list of most profitable Crypto Airdrops for June 2021. Airdrop is when ICO or Cryptocurrency projects give out their coins for free, but for this you need to perform some actions
  3. UniDexBot Adding Native BSC support for PanCakeSwap Limit Orders and Cycles -bUNDB presale on Feb 22 18 UTC. Back in September, we launched the Limit Orders and Cycles bot on Uniswap. We have added Sushiswap support too recently. We have 1000 users for the ETH blockchain bot. The BSC chain too has grown immensely and we decided to add the same.
  4. Powerful & ADAPTABLE. Our Solution. The next generation of payments infrastructure designed for the sale of digital businesses and assets. Seamless escrow between buyer and seller. Recurring payments for deals with long term vesting options. Optional payment protection between Buyer and Seller; requires seller to put up collateral in advance
  5. g listings on Uniswap, Sushiswap, Coinmarketcap, and Coingecko, the Pancakeswap listing marks the start of a new era. That is a first step towards expanding our team and entering the real market, while continuing to build our future and achieve community goals on a daily basis. Q3. We're talking about for
  6. Coinbase says it's reviewing a group of crypto assets that could soon make their debut on the leading US cryptocurrency exchange. The San Francisco-based company has added a long list of crypto assets this year, including the recent additions of Aave (AAVE), Bancor (BNT), and Synthetix (SNX) assets to Coinbase Pro
  7. Lemonade aims to make it easy for anyone to launch a token with just a few clicks and for potential buyers to have full transparency into their investments. The project recently raised $2.7.

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Upcoming. Ended. ICO Name Current Stage Platform Start Date End Date ROI [USD] Rating; QUA Quasa. Quasa . ICO: 2. ends in a day. May 14 - Jun 14. ICO: 2. QUA: n/a: Jun 14, 2021-XLW Lawrencium Token. Lawrencium Token . Pre-Sale. ends in a day. May 24 - Jun 14. Pre-Sale. Binance Coin Lawrencium Token. Binance Coin. May 24, 2021: Jun 14, 2021- ADONX Adonx. Adonx . ICO. ends in 2 days. Mar 20. NewsCrypto Is Next Project Listed on PancakeSwap. With the NewsCrypto Coin (NWC) token now being launched on PancakeSwap, users are able to benefit from its impressive liquidity and range of.

Upcoming Plan. 64-bit. Professional. Everything in Hardcore Advanced wallet tracking. Deep analytics. Integrated trading. Alternative chain support. Order book insight. 20000 ASTRO + low monthly fee (ETH or ASTRO) * Free Plan: New Listings Explorer or Self Trade History not included. Capped to 4 favorites/alerts unless holding minimum 1 ASTRO. Membership Token Info. ASTRO Circulating/Max. Browse cryptocurrencies that are recently added to CoinGecko

Get access to new digital assets before they appear on other exchanges. Also, buy bitcoin, ether, and many common cryptocurrencies. Earn rewards through lending and staking Top Upcoming Crypto Moonshots - Part 1. June 2021 seems to be a busy month for altcoin projects. That's because while some of them are going live with their products, others are conducting their IDOs. Interestingly, these projects range from music platforms to gaming platforms and carry the potential to revolutionize the DeFi space

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IDO is almost similar as IEO i.e., initial Exchange offering but instead of centralized exchange IDO will launch on Decentralized Exchange like Uniswap, Balancer, Pancakeswap or other. As of now we currently having multiple ecosystem or network for DeFi that include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot and Tron. in recent times, new platform has launched who allow project developer or team. Uniswap is an Ethereum token or cryptocurrency that powers the Uniswap network. It is designed as a decentralized exchange. This means there is no middleman or central facilitator on Uniswap Currently, Uniswap has over $100m locked in liquidity pools and hundreds of new listings per week. For novice cryptocurrency users, there is a learning curve to using Uniswap as it functions off. Despite our listings on Huobi, OKEx and several other CEX, Uniswap has continued to grow with over $325m in volume in February alone, which averages around $11 million a day, more than TRIPLE our volume in January and 6x our volume in December. That's on top of the huge volume we've seen on the CEX exchanges

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More exclusive upcoming features; Limit order & trading bot * Hold means that you must have the necessary tokens in your wallet at the time of sign in and , this process will be done through any compatible wallet. ROADMAP. 2021 Q1. Technical Improvements; Websockets; SushiSwap Integration; Multiexchange Suport ; Velox Bots and Limit Orders Integration; UX/UI Redesign; 2021 Q2. NFT. Exchange RCN on Uniswap! Besides enabling new listings, Uniswap allows you to exchange RCN in 4 simple steps! Instantly exchange RCN without using order books or an account. Access the Uniswap. CEX.IO to list Zilliqa (ZIL) by Product Team | Sep 28, 2020. With the intention to provide our customers with more ways to engage with the crypto economy, we expand the list of trading assets on CEX.IO. Now, we're announcing the listing schedule of the next cryptocurrency — Zilliqa (ZIL). We'll launch ZIL deposits and ZIL/USD.. Latest Binance News. Updates to Insurance Clearance Fees of USDⓈ-M Futures Contracts (2021-06-10) Mettalex (MTLX) Distribution Is Now Complete Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs - 2021-06-10 Dual Investment (46th Phase) - Earn Up to 71% APY The SingularityNET (AGI) Hard Fork and Token Migration Is Now Complete Binance Will Support the SUN. Sifchain is the omni-chain solution for DEXes. More performant, more robust cryptoeconomics for trading and security, more flexible trading capabilities, an extensible omni-chain roadmap and eventual true DAO governance. Sifchain is the future of DeFi

London, England, 9th May, 2021, Globe is excited to announce the upcoming Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool for GDT tomorrow, May 10, 2021. Following the successful triple IDO and IEO, it is essential to bring the token to as many users as possible.As part of Globe's commitment and reputation for fairness, an LBP event on Balancer allows for fair price discovery, opportunity to. On Thursday evening, the Ethereum-based meme coin Dogelon (ELON) popped up on the scene, increasing in value by 40,000% in a single day before witnessing a huge sell-off. The asset recorded more than $100 million in daily trading volume, according to blockchain tracker AstroTools, and although it has lost much of its market share since its peak. A Litecoin ETF is launching tomorrow in Europe as demand for the 'digital silver' picks up. ETC Group, a specialist provider of cryptocurrency-backed securities, said it would list the Physical Litecoin exchange-traded product (ELTC) on Deutsche Boerse's XETRA on Wednesday, as per a release. It follows on the success of the Group's. Coinbase plans to go public by way of a direct listing, the company announced in a blog post today. The cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2012 and allows users to buy and trade decentralized.

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Uniswap is the leader of decentralized exchanges in many respects. The amount of total value locked (TVL) is worth $1.47 billion. Users have already created 600,000 addresses relating to DeFi. In September, the exchange created and released its own UNI governance token. As in the case of Binance, this move adds new profit potential to Uniswap users and the possibility of a real impact on its. Monte Crypto Coin is an upcoming coin that demonstrates exactly how patience can lead to a massive payout. Big projects being worked on. Copy/Paste the Contract Code: into Uniswap to buy. HUGE UPDATE COMING SOON. Treasure Map: Phase One: Total supply of Monte Crypto Coins 10,000,000,000,000. The team first burned 20% of all coins and then decided to tac on another 20% to even further help the.

UniswapROI - a calculator to help you analyze your investments in Uniswap and find the best liquidity poolsWhois0x - a database of wallet addresses and their linked social media accounts that also provides easy to understand DeFi stats for each address . EducationCryptofilter - a community-curated DeFi & web3 news & info aggregatorDeFi Dad - a YouTube channel with tutorials where you. Recent and Upcoming Staking Announcements; 18th June 2021: The APR of Zignaly (ZIG) will be adjusted from 110.00% to 70% on AscendEX. This will take effect from today at 12:00 AM (UTC). 15th June 2021: Last chance to subscribe to Binance's 4th and 5th High-Yield Staking Offers which close today 11:59 PM (UTC). 15th June 202 Upcoming ICO & IEO (Token Sale) List with ratings and analysis - ICO Drops. BTC $37030 +3.8%. ETH $2663 +11.1%. * DISCLAIMER: All information including our Interest Level rating, is provided merely for informational purposes. ICO Drops does not provide investment advice ( read more On this airdrop site, you'll find all the latest crypto-airdrops to earn crypto without spending a dime! Because these days you can find dozens of active crypto airdrops that pay instantly. And tons of people, like you, are looking to get themselves some free coins and tokens. So we decided to aggregate all the info we could find out there Card Accelerator Program. Access to a set of valuable services provided through our accelerator program, including: Token Engineering, Security Audits, Graphical and Web3, Social Media, and Branding support. Tokenomics. Token supply: The total token supply for CardStarter is 10,000,000. Private Sale 20%

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This kicks off our series of upcoming exchange listings, so stay tuned for more exciting updates! As we move forward, our objectives are centred on expediting product releases (with Read more · 4 min read. Apr 8. An exciting new chapter begins. Hi everyone, I'm Carlos Grenoir, the founder of Olyseum. I'm writing to you as the CEO to provide an update on some recent developments within. ORAO: UniSwap and gate.io listing May 3rd, Tokenomics Explained . Dear community. We are pleased to announce that in addition to the gate.io listing, we will also be listing on Uniswap, at approximately 18:00 UTC on May 3rd. With the upcoming listings, we also wanted to do a deep dive on the tokenomics of ORAO. The TGE has completed successfully. Our token address is. You need stake your LP tokens Uniswap pool to farming contract on our site. Total Staked $831,812. Farming APY 765.25% ERC20/BNB. Deposit ERC20-BNB and earn ERC20. Active. Start date . End date. Your stake. ERC20 reward . 17 Apr 2021 . 12 May 2022 . $0.00. $0.00. Add Liquidity Total Staked $1,451,039. Farming APY 1700.32%. ERC20/NFT. Deposit ERC20-NFT and earn ERC20. Active. Start date . End. 23% of Gen Z is investing in memes like Dogecoin (only 9% in NFTs) Nearly a quarter of young, new crypto investors are actively investing in meme-driven cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, a survey by betting app Gamblers Pick found recently We currently see that projects are concerned about upcoming regulations for blockchain and airdropped coins. Therefore we see a rise in airdrops and bounties that require to pass KYC. At Airdrop Alert we provide a solution for this. KYC with us once and you will be KYC verified for all exclusive airdrops we host. What are unverified airdrops? If you are scrolling through our website, you might.

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ShitCoin Price & Market Data. ShitCoin price today is $0.00000044 with a 24-hour trading volume of $170. SHIT price is up 1.1% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 SHIT coins and a max supply of 1 Trillion. If you are looking to buy or sell ShitCoin, Uniswap (v2) is currently the most active exchange Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Listings at the Nimbus Internal Swap Machine and Uniswap. The GNBU listing on Uniswap on March 17 took place a week after the token began trading on the Nimbus Internal Swap Machine on Mar 10. Even there, with limited visibility, its price rose 2X in just two days. From Nimbus' design, the DAO-led protocol gifts holders

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